Verifying the energy performance


Verifying the energy performance of blowers and compressors places increasing demands on our installations in terms of capacity and accuracy. This video gives an impression of the expansion of the measurement and control facilities at Sjerp & Jongeneel b.v. Zoetermeer the Netherlands. The objective to present accurate, traceable and verifiable specifications will benefit the users of turbo blowers, turbo compressors and industrial ventilators. As these products are large energy consumers, the relation between generated process air and total power drawn from the grid is very important. However, in particular mass flow is hard to measure accurately. Furthermore, since there is a lot of electronics and software involved, it is very easy to mislead occupants of a Factory Acceptance Test. On this terrain there is a large similarity with tamper software in the auto industry. Sjerp & Jongeneel has taken the opportunity to incorporate easy verification into the design of their blower metrology setup expansion. Due to a clear layout of the system and verification points before entering the software, checking measurement data is not exclusively for the highly trained professional. It is a mission which has been beneficial for the users of Dutair products for many years.

No tamper software at Sjerp & Jongeneel! Transparency and accurate specifications, that what drives us. This takes investments. Check out the video:




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