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Aqua-Point tappuntreiniging




Are you also done with recurring legionella infections, carrying out extra flushing work and re-sampling?
Do you stay busy endlessly and cannot solve your problem?
Then take your chance now to use the unique Aqua-point® tap cleaning!
Within one hour, your problematic tap(s) will be free of the biofilm and your problem will be solved!
The tap is cleaned from the contaminated tap to the interruption.
With this unique Aqua-point® tap cleaning, the biofilm is removed within one hour.
This unique Aqua-point® tap cleaning ensures that your installation is quickly back in order and taps can be used safely again. All this without inconvenience to your entire installation and impact for your users.
Other benefits:
➢ Easy and local to implement;
➢ The problem is treated in a targeted manner, per contamination
which allows for full on-site control;
➢ Multiple tap points can be treated in 1 room/section;
➢ Do not decommission an entire drinking water system;
➢ No nuisance to other residents/users;
➢ No inconvenience to other departments;
➢ No need to purchase water bottles;
➢ Fire extinguishing system remains in operation;
➢ Costs low compared to cleaning the entire drinking water installation;
➢ Room out of use for a short time, max. 1 hour;
➢ Use multiple techniques;
➢ Biofilm is removed;
➢ Demonstrable results;

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