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The smart software platform C.A.R.S monitors, manages and operates an innumerable number of installations, buildings and objects from any location.

Control technology for treatment plants
Ever since YP Your Partner was founded, we have been supplying process controls for all possible treatment plants. This has meant that we usually only need half a word in contact with customers. You are therefore completely unburdened.

Market leader in the field of automation
YP Your Partner has been active in industrial automation since 1987 and has been the market leader in the automation of environmental installations for many years. Our information and operating system C.A.R.S is the beating heart of many technical installations.

C.A.R.S takes care of everything for you
This is the time for smart collaboration
– Predictive maintenance
– Spare part management
– Energy saving
– Zero downtime
– Performance guarantee
– Cost reduction

Insight into complex processes
Our software platform C.A.R.S is one system for alarms, registration, data analysis and maintenance management. You have direct insight into the status of your artworks. Each installation has its own visualization and a passport with all properties. This includes the current operating hours, the various parts, inspection lists and possible work orders. The parts in the process visualization are easy to operate. You have direct influence at the touch of a button.

C.A.R.S offers the solution for:
– Sewage pumping stations
– Treatment plants
– Public lighting
– Locks
– Bridges
– Traffic control systems
– Fountains
– Wind turbines
– Buildings
– Soil remediation installations
– Water treatment plants
– Gas extraction
– Landfill gas extraction
– Membrane technology
– Piping
– Hospitals

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