18, 19 en 20 March 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

DOTX Control Solutions b.v.

Digital Twin for flood defences and locks




A digital twin offers significant benefits for the management of rivers and water defenses. Early detection of issues through real-time data collection and analysis enables water managers to promptly intervene in potential problems such as weak spots in water defenses or flood risks.

Another advantage is improved risk management and safety considerations. By simulating various scenarios, water managers can develop more effective risk management strategies and enhance the overall safety of water infrastructure.

Additionally, a digital twin aids in optimizing maintenance and repairs through continuous data collection and analysis. This allows water managers to better predict maintenance needs and allocate resources more efficiently to critical areas.

Moreover, stakeholder engagement is enhanced through communication via visualizations and simulations. This fosters a better understanding of water infrastructure and provides stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute input to decisions.

In the context of climate change, a digital twin is also crucial for climate adaptation. It enables water managers to anticipate and respond to changing conditions, thereby increasing the resilience of rivers and water defenses.

Furthermore, a digital twin supports sustainable water management by collecting real-time data on river flows, water quality, and ecological parameters. This ensures ecological health, minimizes the impact of human activities on river ecosystems, and ensures a reliable water supply for human use.

Finally, the use of a digital twin promotes innovation and technological advancement in the field of water management and civil engineering. This leads to improved efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of water infrastructure, which is essential for the challenges of the 21st century.


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