Nitrate Nitrite BOD COD TriOS


TriOS spectral UV sensor for nitrate and nitrite, and other components
OPUS is the new generation of spectral sensors for the online measurement of nitrogen and carbon compounds. Full spectrum analysis enables the OPUS to provide reliable measurements for NO3-N, NO2-N, organic ingredients (CODeq, BODeq, DOCeq, TOCeq) and a number of other parameters. Nitrate measurement is important on water treatment. We can adjust the path length of this sensor. This allows the nitrate, nitrite measuring range and detection limit to be adjusted. The system can work independently, but also via one of our transmitters. Optionally there is also the Nico from TriOS for only 1 parameter such as Nitrate or Nitrite.

Main important features and benefits of this nitrate – Nitrite sensor:

The System is available as an immersion sensor
The Sensor can also be placed in a flow-through housing
Many parameters such as Nitrate NO3-N, Nitrite NO2-N, COD, BOD and some specific parameters
The Opus sensor is not only for Nitrate, but measures several parameters simultaneously
Ideally suited for dirty wastewater at WWTP
All measurements are continuously on-line
Many connection options such as bus, 4-20mA or WiFi
as Nitrate measurement widely used at WWTP
Robust and reliable



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