Ultrasonic wall thickness meter


Dynasonics WT-1 ultrasonic wall thickness meter

One of the parameters to be set for clamp-on flow measurements is the wall thickness of the tube. If this is unknown then a wall thickness meter offers a solution. The ultrasonic wall thickness meter from Dynasonics is a particularly compact and versatile wall thickness meter. This Dynasonics WT-1 can measure up to a wall thickness of 200 mm. The accuracy of the measurement is 0.5%. The power supply consists of four internal AAA batteries.

After use, the meter wall thickness switches off automatically. As soon as the batteries run out, the WT-1 indicates that the batteries need to be replaced. Due to the high transmitting power, the Dynasonics WT-1 wall thickness meter can be used in a wide range of applications, including pipes with a rough surface. Piping material can be: steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, brass, zinc, quartz, glass, polyethylene, malleable cast iron and PVC / CPVC.

On the front side there is a 5 mm thick calibration block, with which the user can check the wall thickness meter and calibrate if necessary. It is also possible to display the sound speed in the material with this wall thickness meter.


Measures both steel and plastic pipes
Sound speed measurement of the material
Wall thickness measurement from 1 to 200 mm
Delivery including case manual and guided pasta
Illuminated display



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