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AquaSurveyor is a solution provided by Eyewings.

Eyewings believes in a development towards a broad implementation of technical solutions. Solutions that are increasingly deployed safely and enable more possibilities with lower energy and resource consumption. Examples include the combination of robotics and miniaturization in drones or the AquaSurveyor. It is a development from which we aim to ensure our customers derive optimal benefits!

AquaSurveyor is Eyewings’ innovative survey boat. Our innovations make it easy and safe to perform water-related tasks, such as depth sounding and inspection, from the shore. Our motto is ‘Keep it simple and safe.’

AquaSurveyor in the Cloud
The latest generation AquaSurveyor operates from the Cloud. Wherever you are in the world, with internet access, you can control the boat, view and download live measurement data, track the boat’s location in real-time (on a map), and observe live footage from the camera mounted on the boat.
The previously mentioned program “AquaStation” is now a web application. This application is continuously enhanced with various useful modules. Various parameters are set from the web application, and all measured data can be downloaded in any desired format.
Of course, the boat can also be manually operated with the familiar remote control. However, without the confusing switches for various settings.
At the office, various waypoint routes can be inputted. At the water’s edge, the correct route can be loaded into the boat using a smartphone or tablet.
Photos taken with the optional 360° camera are immediately sent to the Cloud and stitched together. These photos are placed in the “Slootview” expansion module, a water-based version of Streetview.
The web application “AquaStation” is continually evolving. Modules are regularly added, including special modules upon customer request.




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