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Care4H2O BV

Care4H2O BV

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Care4H2O is a professional company and we are concerned with drinking water quality. With our years of experience in (installation) technology and legionella prevention, we bring these two worlds together. Advice and the use of a certified technique are often far removed from each other, which can lead to persistent legionella problems and unnecessary extra costs for customers. Care4H2O offers tailor-made solutions to comply with legal frameworks and address specific problems in installations. We specialize in legionella prevention and help customers gain lasting control over their water quality. Our goal is to achieve the right end result for the customer by problem-solving and cost-saving. In addition, we make the management of legionella files transparent through a personal online system, so that customers comply with legal obligations and do not have to worry about their own legionella management at the relevant location or locations.




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