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Croonwolter&dros | Mobilis

Croonwolter&dros | Mobilis

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Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis, together with TAUW, RWB and Sweco, are part of the Water Purification Alliance (WZA). As an independent system integrator, the WZA focuses on the entire life cycle of sewer and drinking water treatment plants: from initiative to demolition and reuse.

As a multidisciplinary and integral civil builder, Mobilis realizes the purifications and takes care of the project management. Croonwolter&dros takes care of it
for industrial automation, process control and monitoring, computerization (big data) and E/W installations.

Together we build better

Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis are part of the largest non-listed construction, infrastructure and technology group in the Netherlands: TBI Holdings, whose sole shareholder is the TBI Foundation. By investing in future-oriented sustainable goals, all money flows back to society.

Croonwolter&dros head office
Marten Meesweg 25
3068 AV Rotterdam
Tel: +31 88 – 923 3344



Integraal ontwerpleider

We are looking for a Design Leader with extensive experience in civil construction, who will take up the challenge of leading our ambitious projects. Your job is to lead the design process, where you have ultimate responsibility for developing implementation designs. You are a core part of the project team, together with the Project Director and the Realization Project Leader. Your leadership extends across a multidisciplinary team, including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Construction disciplines. In this role it is essential that you demonstrate strong decision-making skills, make strategic design choices and take a coordinating role in implementing design changes and optimizations.

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Werkvoorbereider Medior/ Senior

As a work planner at Mobilis you play a central role in the preparation and realization of civil concrete construction projects. With 5-7 years of experience, you are responsible for drawing up detailed work plans, work instructions and purchasing specifications, essential for the successful execution of projects. You work closely with design teams to ensure timely, executable designs and are involved in the design of the construction site, optimizing construction methods and implementation techniques. You also guide subcontractors in drawing up quality documents, where you monitor the progress and quality of the projects. Your role is crucial in identifying bottlenecks and ensuring smooth progress of all sub-processes within the project.

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Safety is central to Mobilis, not only as part of our projects but as the essence of our actions. As a safety expert you contribute to all phases, from tenders to implementation, by actively identifying and addressing safety risks. You will work with teams to refine safety procedures and increase safety awareness, provide advice, and support the development of safety policies and analyses. You play a key role in both large-scale infrastructure projects and small-scale industrial projects, with a focus on concrete repair and injection, and personally connect organization-wide safety principles with practice at the project locations.

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We are looking for a Tender Strategist with experience to strengthen our team. Your role is crucial in translating customer questions into winning EMVI strategies. In close collaboration with the EMVI coordinator, you contribute to drawing up EMVI plans that perfectly match the wishes and needs of our customers. You thoroughly analyze customer demand, collect relevant information, and develop strategies that resonate with the award criteria. Together with the tender team, you ensure that our EMVI plans are convincing and reflect the essence of customer demand. Your insight and expertise are indispensable in guiding our bids, with the aim of achieving maximum success in tender processes.

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As a Civil Concrete Construction Project Coordinator, you play a crucial role in our projects from start to finish. You ensure flawless preparation, coordination and management of the work, in all phases: from tender to realization and maintenance. With a keen eye for detail and a strong ability to collaborate, you ensure that project execution runs seamlessly, while monitoring financial and qualitative objectives. You are at the center of communication with everyone involved: clients, stakeholders, suppliers and subcontractors, where you set the lines for efficient and effective project realization. Your expertise in civil concrete construction and your leadership qualities enable you to jointly determine the best construction methods and working methods with the team, where innovation and sustainability come first.

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Project Inkoper

As a project buyer at Mobilis, you combine your purchasing expertise with your passion for civil concrete construction, essential for our project success. Working from Rotterdam or Apeldoorn, you play a key role in leading projects. You are responsible for strategically drawing up purchasing plans, communicating about purchasing specifications, and carefully selecting subcontractors and suppliers. In addition, you analyze quotations, work closely with the Contract Manager and stay up to date with market knowledge. Your role underlines the importance of sustainability and circular construction within our projects.

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Ontwerpleider/ Lead Engineer

As a Design Leader/Lead Civil Engineering Engineer at Mobilis, you are the driving force behind the development of groundbreaking infrastructure projects. Your role is crucial in leading design teams, where innovation, collaboration and craftsmanship are central. With your ability to proactively make innovative proposals and identify opportunities, you play a key role in the success of our projects. You are not only an expert in your field, but also an inspiring leader who motivates, coaches and provides direction to the team. Your decisiveness and excellent planning skills ensure that projects proceed seamlessly from concept to realization.

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Document controller

As a Document controller at Mobilis you are responsible for setting up, coordinating and implementing document management on our high-profile projects, using the DMS system DigiOffice. You are the first point of contact on the project for all DigiOffice users. During the various phases of the project, you ensure that there is a controlled document process that ensures that there is an up-to-date and accessible document file for various stakeholders at all times. You will work closely with, among others, the project manager, contract manager, design leader and project management manager.
In this role you can often be found at one of our project locations and you know the interests of the project. You are also familiar with the desired document process according to Mobilis standards. If something could be smarter or better, you signal this and provide solicited and unsolicited advice.

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Constructeur Medior / Senior

As a structural engineer at Mobilis you play a crucial role in the design of characteristic civil projects such as bridges, tunnels and waterworks. Your expertise in concrete structures makes you a key figure in our design team. Together with colleagues you work on realizing technically complex and sustainably designed infrastructure. Your responsibilities include drawing up designs in SCIA Engineer or RFEM, coordinating the construction site layout, and guiding subcontractors in quality documentation. With your experience you not only offer design solutions but you also contribute to the continuous improvement of our construction methods and techniques, with which you have a direct impact on the safety and sustainability of our projects.

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BIM Modelleur Medior / Senior

As a BIM Modeler Medior/Senior at Mobilis you play a key role in the creation of our most challenging infrastructure projects. Your skills in developing accurate 3D models and BIM processes are crucial for the design of roads, bridges, tunnels and water treatment plants, with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation. You work intensively with project teams, apply civil design knowledge and navigate complex regulations. Your insight into the technical and structural aspects of structures, combined with your ability to actively contribute to the modeling process, supports our ambition to realize leading, sustainable infrastructure. Your contribution ensures that every project is not only technically feasible but also contributes to our sustainable and innovative objectives, making you an essential contribution to the construction of the future.

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