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DOTX Control Solutions b.v.

DOTX Control Solutions b.v.

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DotX Control Solutions B.V. offers top-notch control solutions.
Manage, regulate, and optimize processes or systems efficiently and effectively.
The results are:

Better product design
Higher quality
Lower costs per unit
Higher output
Less energy consumption and use of raw materials
Lowest possible environmental footprint
Predictive maintenance
DotX Control Solutions supplies:
Hydro AI: products focused on water management
– DT of rivers: Vaarwegenwijs
– DT of quay walls: Kadewijs
– DT of sewage systems: Rioolwijs
– DT of surface water level management: Waterwijs

Structural AI: monitoring and predictive maintenance of structures.
– DOTX PMB for bridges and viaducts
– DOTX PMS for locks
– DOTX PMK for quay walls

Modeling, Digital Twins
With a keen understanding of your industry’s unique needs, we create custom model-based solutions, including Digital Twins and predictive maintenance strategies. This ensures your systems operate with maximum efficiency and downtime is minimized.

Precision with AI, generative AI, and neural networks.
By embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we use machine learning and neural networks to optimize measurement and control systems. This enables adaptive control, predictive analytics, and unparalleled efficiency in dynamic environments.



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