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Pigging stations

PIGGEN is a commonly used way in the oil and gas industry to clean or inspect the inside of pipes. It can also be used to empty a pipe, for example between different batches. The PIG is the part that goes into the pipe and can vary from a simple PIG made of foam or a ball, PIG with brushes/scrapers, to intelligent systems with inspection tools. The PIG can be fed through bends or T-pieces. The type of valves that are in a system is important. Butterfly valves cannot be used. Ball valves are the best solution, but always with full bore.

Pipeline pigging stations

The system consists of a PIG launcher and a PIG receiver. The launcher is located at the beginning of the pipe to be cleaned, the “PIG launcher END”. The receiver is located at the end of the line, the “PIG receiver END”. These two components are often installed as a fixed installation in the piping system, but can also be used as a mobile installation. In small systems, the launcher and receiver can be located together, but there are also systems with long pipes where they are hundreds of kilometers apart.

Over the years, De Smidse has manufactured pig stations in various shapes and sizes. From design to complete product. Although it is a typical product for refineries and chemical factories, we have recently also seen more and more applications for it in water purification.


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