EasyMining´s Aqua2N-process enables efficient removal and recovery of ammonium from aqueous flows.

Nitrogen, one of the key nutrients in mineral fertiliser, is crucial for agriculture to be able to produce enough food. But the production of nitrogen fertiliser with traditional methods involves burning fossil gas and causes enormous greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, wastewater treatment plants remove nitrogen from wastewater. With today’s bacteria-based methods, this nitrogen is simply released back into the air and goes to waste.

With the Aqua2N technology, by contrast, the nitrogen is recovered. It can be used immediately to produce fertilisers with reduced climate impact compared to traditional production, creating a loop. Also, no laughing gas (N2O) is produced.

Circular nitrogen – better for planet and people
EasyMining’s Aqua2N process recovers the nitrogen present in the reject water, the liquid which remains when the solids in digested sewage sludge have been separated out at the wastewater treatment plant. A precipitant captures the nitrogen. The captured nitrogen is then recovered as a fertiliser in a form instantly applicable by the agricultural industry, while the precipitant agent is simply used again.
The reject water in wastewater treatment plant is only 0,5-1,5% of the total flow, but it stands for 15-30% of the nitrogen load. The Aqua2N process removes more than 95% of the ammonium nitrogen on a typical reject water.
The process consists of successive chemical reactions performed at ambient or slightly elevated temperature but atmospheric pressure. There is no need for pressurised vessels or for exceptional materials to be used for the equipment. The mass balance of the process is favourable, since most input chemicals become a part of the product.

The process is a two-step process, first catching the ammonium nitrogen and thereafter converting it to ammonium salt.

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