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Floating screens, more efficient oxygen input at wastewater treatment plant.




More efficient oxygen input at Eerbeek wastewater treatment plant through floating screens Albers Alligator.

The aeration process is one of the most important parts of the wastewater treatment process at Industriewater Eerbeek (IWE). During this process, aerators introduce additional oxygen into the water and set the water in motion so that the bacteria can do their job as well as possible (eat the wastewater “clean”). Albers Alligator, after a joint brainstorming session, developed a product in which the aerator tank can be divided into two compartments. The floating screen allows the sections of the basin to be aerated in different ways (bubble regulation).

This allows the amount of oxygen to be better regulated and exactly where it is needed for the bacteria to do their job properly. This method of aeration ensures that less oxygen is needed overall to purify the water and drain it to the post-sedimentation tank, energy costs go down (as the blowers that blow air into the tanks use a lot of energy). The water footprint is reduced in this way and the goal of being fully circular comes another step closer.

Would you also like to sit down together to see if we can reduce the oxygen consumption at your wastewater treatment plant? Then please contact us.


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