Industrial Water Process Treatments




Fuel Treatment Chemicals: Reduce deposition and slagging plus improve combustion with FuelSolv.
Veolia’s fuel treatment chemicals help increase fuel efficiency, minimize maintenance costs, and protect equipment from failure due to corrosion. These fuel treatment programs can help you get more from the fuel you’re using, or allow you to switch to a less expensive fuel with no sacrifice to reliability or environmental regulations.
The choice of which chemical to use depends on the type of fuel and the goals of the treatment. Veolia’s FuelSolv products includes enhancements for pre-, during-, and post-combustion processes.

FoodPro* Soft Water Chemicals: Fight soft water corrosion with molybdate-free chemistry.
Veolia’s line of environmentally friendly molybdate-free chemicals prevent soft water corrosion in sterilizers and pasteurizers used in the food and beverage industry. The FoodPro ST family is intended for use under soft water conditions, where corrosion of food packages and sterilizer equipment can lead to severe problems.
FoodPro offers equal or better levels of corrosion and scale inhibition than current molybdate-based products. FoodPro does not contain any heavy metals and is free of inorganic phosphates.


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